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Addendum to the Opinion on Climbazole (P64) ref. SCCS/1506/13

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U. Bernauer, L. Bodin, L. Celleno, Q. Chaudhry, P. Coenraads (Chairperson), M. Dusinska, J. Ezendam, E. Gaffet, C.L. Galli, B. Granum, E. Panteri, V. Rogiers (Rapporteur), C. Rousselle, M. Stepnik, T. Vanhaecke, S. Wijnhoven Nike SportswearAIR MAX THEA PRM Trainers atmosphere grey/white/vast grey as2hOA
European Commission SCCS/1590/17 24-25 October 2017

Conclusion of the opinion:

The use of Climbazole (CAS 38083-17-9) as a cosmetic preservative in hair lotion and foot care with a maximum concentration of 0.31 % and in face cream with a maximum concentration of 0.5% and as anti-dandruff agent in shampoo with a maximum concentration of 2.0% are, when individually used, safe for human health. Combinations of 3- or 4- products, however, cannot be considered as safe. Most combinations of 2 products can be considered as safe, the combinations of ‘hair lotion and face cream’ and ‘face cream and foot care’ give, using the conservative “adding on calculation”, a MoS below 100 (83 and 90, respectively).

The maximum concentrations of Climbazole considered as safe for human health under an aggregate exposure scenario are as follows:2% as anti-dandruff agent in rinse-off shampoos and 0.2 % as cosmetic preservative in leave -on formulations (face cream, hair lotion, foot care) with the exception of cosmetics applied on a full body area (body lotion).

Based on the considerations by ECHA, the SCCS will closely follow up the outcome of further studies to be conducted in the context of the REACH legislation and, if necessary, will reassess the safety of Climbazole.


SCCS, addendum, scientific opinion, Climbazole, preservative, P64, Regulation 1223/2009, CAS 38083-17-9, EC 253-775-4

Opinion to be cited as:

SCCS (Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety), Addendum to the opinion on climbazole (P64) ref. SCCS/1506/13, 24-25 October 2017, SCCS/1590/17.


Methoxypropylamino Cyclohexenylidene Ethoxyethylcyanoacetate (S87) - Submission I Abstract

SCCS/1587/17 - 7 March 2017 - Final version of 14 July 2017

Methoxypropylamino Cyclohexenylidene Ethoxyethylcyanoacetate (S87) - Submission I

Link to opinion U. Bernauer, L. Bodin, L. Celleno, Q. Chaudhry, P. Coenraads (Chairperson), M. Dusinska, J. Ezendam, C.L. Galli, B. Granum, E. Panteri (Rapporteur), V. Rogiers, C. Rousselle, M. Stępnik, T. Vanhaecke, S. Wijnhoven J. Duus-Johansen [email protected] European Commission SCCS/1587/17 14 July 2017

Conclusion of the opinion:

Based on the data provided, the SCCS is of the opinion that genotoxic potential of Methoxypropylamino Cyclohexenylidene Ethoxyethylcyanoacetate (S87) cannot be excluded. Therefore, the SCCS cannot conclude on the safety of S87. More evidence is needed to exclude the genotoxicity concern regarding S87.

On the basis of the studies provided, skin and eye irritation potential of the test item cannot be excluded. Dermal penetration data using 5% of the test material should also be provided.


SCCS, scientific opinion, Methoxypropylamino Cyclohexenylidene Ethoxyethylcyanoacetate (S87), UV-filter, Regulation 1223/2009, CAS 1419401-88-9, EC 700-860-3

Opinion to be cited as:

SCCS (Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety), Opinion on Methoxypropylamino Cyclohexenylidene Ethoxyethylcyanoacetate (S87) - Submission I, preliminary version of 7 March 2017, final version of 14 July 2017, SCCS/1587/17.


Polyaminopropyl Biguanide (PHMB) - Submission III Abstract

SCCS/1581/16 - 23 December 2016 - Final version of 7 April 2017

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August 8, 2012

FORTUNE — When CEOs tell me that their No. 1 concern is uncertainty, as a great many do, my first reaction is skepticism. Please. Life is uncertain. Is this moment really different?

Actually it is: Economic uncertainty, especially policy uncertainty, is greater than it has been in many years. And if you’re wondering why the U.S. economy is barely moving or why millions of workers can’t find jobs, extraordinary uncertainty is a major part — maybe the largest part — of the answer.

High uncertainty creates a loop of paralysis, and that’s what we’re in right now. Policymakers have no idea what’s going to happen, so they sit on their hands, as the Federal Reserve did recently. “Nearly all participants” in the latest Federal Open Market Committee meeting said that the economic outlook was more uncertain than it had been over the past 20 years, according to the minutes; the committee took no action, and the Dow dropped. The minutes also reported that business leaders were telling committee members that “heightened uncertainty” had led them “to put potential investment projects on hold until the uncertainty is resolved.” And what were those business leaders uncertain about? Government policy. An index of policy uncertainty created by economists at Stanford and the University of Chicago backs their view, showing that policy uncertainty has been much higher in recent months than during the previous 25 years.

More: Why this month’s good jobs news won’t last

The business leaders were most uncertain about tax and regulatory issues. Those things are always changeable, but the potential swings could make you dizzy. After the Supreme Court upheld Obamacare in June, Mitt Romney and Republican congressional leaders promised to repeal it if they win the election in November. So the biggest-ever regulation of the largest sector of the world’s largest economy, affecting every employer and individual in the country, either will continue as the law of the land or will disappear. Who can even think about planning in those circumstances?

It’s similar with the fiscal cliff at year-end : the killer combination of mandatory cuts in federal spending and the expiration of the Bush tax cuts. Even assuming that Congress averts a plunge over the edge, no one knows how it will happen. A short-term fix, by far the likeliest outcome, will do nothing to get the economy moving because it leaves businesspeople wondering what comes next. Investment and hiring decisions are not short-term. Research by Abdiweli M. Ali of Harvard concluded, “Lack of confidence and skepticism about the stability of economic policies force investors to postpone capital investment … They cannot undo decisions about fixed capital every time the government reverses its economic policy.”

This isn’t just economic theory. Uncertainty is creating real suffering. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimates that uncertainty about the fiscal cliff alone could reduce U.S. economic growth by 0.5% in the second half. In an economy GlobeMAHALO Skate shoes black/olive 9MkX7QMWS
, that’s a lot, representing billions of dollars that won’t be available to hire people.

More: The dollar is now corporate America’s worst enemy

Who’s to blame? Dr Martens1460 GLITTER Laceup boots dark pink IUstZwW
is an uncertainty-generating machine. Obamacare was enacted without a single Republican vote in either chamber; when the House voted recently to repeal the law, only five Democrats voted with 239 Republicans. The message to businesspeople: Don’t count on anything that passes without substantial bipartisan support. And little of significance seems to be enacted that way anymore.

Another thing CEOs often tell me is that the precise content of policy may be less important than its predictability. If they know the rules, they’ll play to win. It’s when they don’t know the rules, like now, that they get stuck. Give the election’s winners, whoever they are, until March to show that they’re leaders rather than kids throwing tantrums. Until then — and who knows, maybe beyond — we’re going nowhere fast.


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How do we cultivate a contemplative habit of mind? Twenty years ago, a friend who taught high school in Arlington, Massachusetts, started something new with her students. At the beginning of each class, she rang a bell and asked them to remain silent for four minutes. As she wrote later, “I explained [to my students] that I felt our school days were too fast-paced and filled with noise, that silence could help us leave behind the previous class, and prepare to be present for this one. That it was a time to clear our heads. I said we were aiming for internal and external stillness.” The results were miraculous, she told me. Both she and the students were calmer and more centered.

In recent years, numerous organizations — such as Mindful Schools and Mindful Education — have been created to introduce periods of quiet and meditation into primary and secondary schools. For example, in 2015, mind-body educator Stacy Sims started a program called Mindful Music Moments in which students listen to four minutes of classical music during the morning announcement period — similar to the idea of my friend in Massachusetts. Mindful Music Moments now operates in 65 K-12 schools, camps, and social service organizations, most of them in Cincinnati.

Perhaps there could be mandated screen-free zones in public spaces and labor laws that guarantee workers a half hour each day of quiet time at the workplace.

To develop new habits of mind, different groups must use different methods. I have some recommendations, which should be viewed as starting points rather than comprehensive solutions:

To develop new habits of mind, different groups must use different methods.

• For K-12 students, a ten-minute period of silence sometime during the school day. Students could quietly write down thoughts in a notebook during this time. Different schools have different cultures, and each school will know how best to institute this period of silence.

• For college students, “introspective intensive” courses created by each academic department. Each student would be required to take at least one such course each semester. Introspective courses, while based in the particular subject matter of the department — for example, history or chemistry — would have a reduced load of reading and assignments and encourage students to use the free time to reflect on what they are learning and relate it to their lives and life goals.

• In the workplace, a quiet room or similar space where employees are permitted and encouraged to spend a half hour each day meditating, reflecting, or simply being silent. Smartphones and computers would not be allowed in the quiet room. This period of quiet would not be part of the regular lunch break.

• For families, an unplugged hour during the evening, perhaps during dinner, in which all phones, smartphones, computers, and other devices are turned off. Dinner should be a time for quiet conversation.

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